Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Journey begins...

The Journey began.. I was standing near door.. heading to Trivendrum for my training...The train was about to leave the stations.. "A" was sitting inside on seat, his parents were equally worried, as my dad but trying hard to to control their emotions ... Mothers are weak in this act and so is "A"-s mom... Vijay and Mandar were looking at me..helplessly, Yatin - My brother was confused about how he should re-act.... I didn't know..the next two months were going to make the everlasting impact on life..The journey was beginning of an eternal love story.  Raj and Simran's love story

I don't believe in word "LOVE"... but these two people have been raising question mark on my belief ever since we cross each other first time....

We were sitting in the TV room, not many people were there as most of us were tired of long journey.. I saw a new face was sitting in TV room. I remembered Hotel manager had told us that a new joinee is going to join us. When I entered the room, two unfamiliar eyes glanced at me..and again fixed on TV. I took a seat, started watching TV. In next few minutes few of batchmates started enquiring her and I got a brief idea about her. She was Simran...

I don't know how the journey of three years in TCS has seen the changing form of relationship between me and Simran. It started with calling her by name... to addressing her "bhabi". Raj has always been my close friend and I consider him one of the best guide when I face any kind of problem in my life. He was always been one of the best guy in our college. Knowing him is one of the things I cherish in my life.

It was a rainy night. We were sitting in the corner room on 2nd floor, 5 of us including Simran were discussing about the assignment which we were supposed to submit next day. Suddenly in the middle of the discussion, I saw a shadow near door. I realised Raj was outside room. I signaled him .."What". He was little ackward to enter the room and was calling me out. I was bit reluctant to leave the discussion, but then I gave up to Raj. I had manage to avoid giving up to Raj on only one topic, which we used to discuss in my room late night while sleeping, when he and "A" used to dril me over that topic. 
I came out, asked him what's wrong. He pulled me towards the other end of floor near stairs. I kept on asking what is the matter.. He was very tensed, nervous, panic and confused. I guessed something was wrong. "Nikhil, yaar yehi hai wo... this is She." "What?? Raj, tu pagal ho gaya hai kya?? tu kyaa bol raha hai, muze kuch samaz me nahi aa raha." "Yaar main Simran ke baare me baat kar raha hun.. Muze lagta hai, jaise muze chahiye..." " Tu kya bol raha hai Raj, arre tu kuch bhii bol raha hai...." "Nahi yaar ...tu samaz na yaar.. tuhi muze samazata hai ...  Main bol raha hun na..yahi hai woh... " Suddenly we saw Simran was coming out of room and trying to speak on her cellphone. We quickly sat down on stairs, I was wondering why Raj was so keenly what she was talking on phone. She was speaking in Gujarati. I had no clue on what was going on.

I remember how hard Raj has worked to get into one of the best B schools in India, how Simran has been managing the stress and problems which almost every other boy/ girl face in love marriages. It was a perfect match. They both are so genuine, so affectionate. Was it the God's wish to meet these people from all over the world, from over 7 billion population of the world.??

Day by day Raj was more and more nervous, introvert, silent. I and "A" were clear that with this speed and approach things would not work out. There were many others busy in being so called "guardians" of girls group. I and "A" took up the role to break this castle to make way for Raj. "A" had been quite shameless and expert in making thing obvious, made this task comparatively simpler for us. We used to make strategies and plans to bring Raj and Simran together. There were many incidents when I was so worried that Simran might come to know about our plans. Raj managed to break the ice and started talking with Simran. A parallel love story was in making which made us focus our strategies on these two pair simultaneously. A few out station trips helped us to help Raj to make friendship with Simran.

Working in TCS gave me opportunity to observe Simran -Raj story closely. It was sheer brilliance of Simran that she never shown what she was going through. But I was quite sure that it was not easy for her to handle things. She was in my office along with 7-8 other collegemates. Raj used to visit our office whenever he came to Mumbai. I remember managing things for Simran when she and Raj went to roam around. Seeing them together was always a pleasing and nice thing. We all used to pray for their marriage, their happiness.

Happy times in Trivendrum started decreasing with the news of allocation. Raj was posted to Banglore and Simran to Mumbai. We all were hoping to get back to Mumbai and everybody has his or her own reason but in deep inside everyone was aware that not all will be posted to desired location. Two separate locations for Raj and Simran was big blow. I saw Raj crying like small kid. For him now there was one more reason to be sad, cause he had to spend time away from Simran, specially when they were just accepted their feelings for each other. It was very surprising yet pleasing to see Raj taking Simran out for dinner on last day of our training. Hats off to his romantic ideas and efforts to make it memorable time for both of them.

Time flew with its own speed and god made sure Raj and Simran sailed through the ups and downs of life. We all friends are a witness of their journey. Raj made into one of the top b-school of our country while Simran continued working in IT industry. I was on seventh heaven when I heard the news of their marriage. Raj was looking AKBAR BAADSHAH in groom's attire. Simran was looking equally beautiful. Seeing them restored my trust on god. Yeah knowing their story will definitely make us believe in him. His plans are far superior to any of us, very unimaginative yet brilliantly managed. 

A new journey begins..


  1. Very very well written and at an apt time too! Loved reading it!

  2. Tu Chamatkar ka "Marco" hai kya ?? :-P ... Btwn Well written !!

  3. nice puranpoli.......... :)

  4. thanks bhai..ab kya bolu..aansu aa gaye...waise main tujhe bola tha kisiko bol mat ke main roya tha posting mili tabhi :P ... i am very thankful to all u guys, gaurang, Phadke, vaidya and you for helping me out in Trivandrum...waise main akela impress kar hi leta simran ko, but thoda zyada time lag jata :)...arigato gozaimasu san :)

  5. Beutifully written....I think I can guess the Raj & Simaran of this love story...well, we'll talk later.
    Keep surprising us :-)

  6. Good One...Hope all love stories have such happy endings !!!

  7. Too good :) Ohoo I guess I know Raj, Simran and 'A' also...hehehehe...