Friday, October 1, 2010

The LADY factor in my life....(2)

 Neha: My Sister
As many of us guessed it correctly, the second Lady , who have been contributing very effectively in my life is my sister Neha. From childhood days, I have been sharing many things (which I got from my elder brother just because I am younger to him, and I considered them as my own!!) with her. Most of the time sharing was unwillingly, but my parents had kept no option but to share ( as they did with my brother). And not just our toys,cars but she was privileged to own dolls and other stuffs too. I always observed my dad's special attention to her as she was younger among us. It still makes me wonder how this "chota dynamite" became one of the strong power house in my home withing 8-9 years of time. I remembered her schooling days, the 2 pony tail hair style, her small sandals, her last minute rush to gather all her notebooks, books just before catching her school bus.
In schooldays, I and my brother were always asked to put hard work to be in top ranks, but she was given concession in that. We have to do all the small small outside household work and that too as a part of our day to day activities, but she was given the benefit of being little weak and hence not even the routine household works. I used to wonder why so much care and benefits were given to her, and specially when she used to behave like a princess and treat us (me and my brother ) like her bodyguards/ servants. I remember she was never too good in studies, neither too much interested in studies. Many of our exam days been spent in giving her lectures and trying to motivate her to work hard. But she never used to loose her cool. Study in nights and then next day paper is her favorite funda of clearing academic exams.
But except studies, I guess she has been taunting me in almost everything I do, as if she has gained PhD in how not to behave in home. Undoubtedly after my mom, she rules the home. How dirty I am after playing cricket, how lazy I am in doing inhousehold work, how badly I can wash my cloths, how hopeless I am packing my bag for trip...answers to these questions can be given by her at 12 in midnight, when she is in deep deep sleep. Just because she clean our floor, and I am really bad in that, she has gained the right to shout on me in very high pitch. My dad's special attention has been carefully used and utilised by her, to get more pocketmoney, more no of dresses and other things. From school days she is following a tradition of having 2-3 hours sleep in afternoon, and with god's grace she gets free time during that hours of day.

Although I am complaining so much about her, deep inside I could feel a special care for her. I don't know when, and how I become careful about her. Today I don't feel anything wrong about dad's special attention to her. I don't know why, rather I feel for a girl to enjoy her childhood and young age, it is very much important that she has to be the most favorite kid of her dad..... Today I don't mind giving her money to ask her to get rik or taxi instead of walking on road. Today many a times it happens that when I step out to go out with friends, I realise my pocket is empty and she help me with 200-300 rupees. Sometimes I wonder if she is my younger sister or elder. I really don't know from where she gained so much maturity. I remember one incident, when we were in school. We just had a fight, and I was supposed to drop her at school bus stop. Unwillingly I went, bus came, she got into the bus and as I moved to return to home, I saw her struggling with the crowd inside the bus, trying hard to reach to a window, so that she can wave hands before bus leave the stop. I came back home and cried. I don't know what made me so much emotional. My mom said, " may be in few years she will get married and go to her own home and then you will not even get time to sit and laugh, enjoy. So try to spend this time as happily as you can."
I can see my favorite actor Dev Anand singing..

Dekho Hum Tum Dono Hain Ek Dali Ke Phool
Maein Na Bhoola Tu Kaise Mujhko Gai Bhool
Aa Mere Paas Aa Keh Jo Kehna Hai
Ek Hazaron Mein ... 

Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka Sabka Kehna Hai......

"Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai .......!!!"

Friday, September 17, 2010

The LADY factor in my life....(1)

Although I have never understood the way woman thinks, whatever experience I have gained in my life, I can say that a woman thinks in a direction which is exactly 30 degrees inclined to what normally considered as Logical thinking. Many a times I came across situations where I never able to understand why a woman is behaving like this or thinking like this. Specially when what is logical is clearly visible. Few days back I came across a joke which goes like this.
One day God appears in front of a stupid guy called Nikhil. God says to  Nikhil, "somehow I am very impressed with whatever you are doing in the name of prayers or good work and I have decided to bless you a wish, which will get fulfilled." Nikhil thinks a lot over this and decides what to ask from God. He says " My lord, since I have been blessed with a wish, many of my friends (who are very intelligent and decided to use their intelligence for the prosperity of country called America) are planning to go to America. Now, considering the distance between India and America, and the expenses to travel, I would like you to build a bridge between Mumbai and New York. The expressway should have two carriageways with three concrete lanes each separated by a central divider and a tarmac or concrete shoulder on either side." God smiles and says " My son when you are blessed with such a wish, you should think about whole mankind and not just for few people. Think something which is badly needed for prosperity of mankind, which can stay forever, for all coming generations. Something, for which every generations will thank you." Nikhil thinks again and with a sigh says " My lord, Many a times I see my colleagues going around, chasing girls, trying to flirt, trying level best to know what is going in girls mind. I would be happy if u bless all men with the power to know what exactly is going in woman's mind." God replies calmly " Would you like the bridge to start from the ground near your building or you want me to start the bridge from south Mumbai?"
Jokes apart, is it really so difficult to understand a woman?? I would like to write something about three women who have been contributing to my life very effectively. These three women can be given the awards for giving me the highest number of taunts. But then, their taunts or their concerns for me, I don't know exactly what, has majorly contributed in shaping my personality.
1. My Mother, Mummy:
I had most of my arguments with my mom. I used to read so many good things about " mother", reading 3-4 pages essays describing how mother is form of god on earth, how so called great mothers gave birth to great people. But somehow I could never connect it to the way my mom is. From childhood I remember most of my prayers were having one line common.."Hey God, Lets be fair..Please bless me a good mother in next birth, not this mother again. Or atleast give me chance to choose my mother the way you blessed me to choose my friends." I used to wonder why god gave me such a mother who keep irritating me, tauting me ( she got highest marks in taunting me ), pulling me down every time I tried to go up. I never understood her attitude, those arguments over watching match and her favorite tv shows, her so many biased complaints to my grand mom (which are many times contains wrong interpretations of what I said). I was really surprised how god can give such a mother to a child. And then...... I got a chance to escape from her. I got training in Trivendrum for an IT company. Far from home, far from irritating lady.

First few days were so nice, I enjoyed the freedom, and also the peace. But within 15 days I realised how tasty Chapati (roti) my mummy used to make for me, scarifying her early morning sleep just to make sure I leave home with full stomach, most of time with garam garam chapatis. When I have to wash my own cloths, I realised that in so many years I have never thought of who was washing my cloths, that to without any intimations, who make sure that every time when I picked my shirt from cupboard, it is clean, properly washed and very importantly it is there at its place. I started missing the oil chumpy my mother used to do to me every night, however tired she is. On 20th day, I wrote a 6 page long letter to my mummy, the first and only letter I wrote in my life. I remembered when one of my classmate got tears in her eyes when she read it. I wrote everything about training, but not how much I miss my mummy. May be I felt ashamed to express...
I sent the letter. I couldn't get the first reaction of my mother when she read it.I wish I could.....

Nowadays I find myself giving her advice on healthcare and reduction in stress. Her gray hair line makes me worried about something. I don't know what exactly but I have realised that she is getting older and older day by day and still trying hard to be as active as she was 15-20 years ago. Still trying hard to balance her work life and role of housewife the same way she is doing for so many years. Her evening fever or weakness ring bells in my mind and I keep irritating her to visit doctor. And I have realized a major change in my prayers. Now major part of it is like this...
" Hey God, Lets be fair..Please bless me same mother in next birth and every birth, and if not this mother again, then  atleast give her chance to choose her son, the way you blessed me to choose my friends. And even then promise me that you will give her a son who will take care of her from day he born. And if possible (I know it is hard for you) but please, forget my childhood prayers."

आई = आत्मा + ईश्वर
आई म्हणजे एक नावं असतं
घरातल्या घरात गजबजलेलं गाव असतं ..!!!!

सर्वांत असते तेव्हा
जाणवत नाही
आता नसली कुठंच तरीही
नाही म्हणवत नाही

जत्रा पांगते
पालं उठतात
पोरक्या जमिनीत
उमाळे दाटतात

आई मनामनात तशीच
जाते ठेवून काही
जिवाचं जिवालाच
कळावं असं
जाते देऊन काही

आई असतो
एक धागा
वातीला उजेड दावणारी
समईतली जागा

घर उजळतं तेव्हा
तिचं नसतं भान
विझून गेली अंधारात की
सैरावैरा धावायलाही
कमी पडतं रान

पिकं येतात जातात
माती मात्र व्याकुळच
तिची कधीच भागत नाही तहान
दिसत नसलं डोळ्यांना तरी
खोदत गेलो
खोल खोल
की सापडतेच अंतःकरणातली खाण

याहून का निराळी असते आई?
ती घरात नाही तर मग
कुणाशी बोलतात गोठ्यात
हंबरणाऱ्या गायी?

आई खरंच काय असते?
लेकराची माय असते
वासराची गाय असते
दुधाची साय असते
लंगड्याचा पाय असते
धरणीची ठाय असते

आई असते
जन्माची शिदोरी
सरतही नाही
उरतही नाही!!!"

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Raj Thackaray, I and National Integration........Lets think and then speak.

Swararaj Shrikant Thackaray, aka Raj Thackaray. I came across this name when I finished my school and about to step in college. To be frank and precise, days when I was supposed to get along with something which attracts or provoke young minds, something which gets popular very easily but may not have the touch of reality or seriousness.Those were the days when I was slowly getting exposed to the environment around me, trying to lookout of nest and the safety cover of my parents. Once, while passing by the Dhuru Sabhagruha ( Dhuru Hall, Dadar west , near Ideal book depot), I found that meritorious students of UPSC exam being felicitated by a person called Raj Thackaray. With curiosity I went inside, and in very a short period I realized that the only place from where I could see the ceremony is the small wall nears window. The Hall was jammed packed and there was very little space for any new comer. Initially I thought that the crowd was gathered to see the UPSC toppers from Maharashtra, but my misunderstanding was quickly got cleared when a loud cheer welcomed the chief guest of ceremony, Raj Thackaray. He came, took his seat and the ceremony began. The first thing I noticed about him was he was on time for the ceremony. I was aware that he is the nephew of the very popular and well known politician Balasaheb Thackaray. And then as he was known for his skills of oratory, impressed again his supporters along with me. Every issue he raised in his speech was cleverly articulated, well analyzed and most importantly was presented with a hint of solution. I guessed the last thing stroked me most. It was then way back in 2000-2001, when he had not formed his own party i. e. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.

Today Raj has positioned himself as one of the prominent leader in Maharashtra, fully focused on regional politics and even today he holds the same place that he created in my mind way back in his first speech that I have mentioned above. The reason to write this post is the answer to question why I feel the same for this person as I feel many years ago. Today there are many issues, controversies which are surrounding him and I do not support all the things which he does but still I have reasonable points which give me no option but to back him.

1. Raj never denies what he says. Be it the statement against people from few states, or statements against Jaya Bachchan or anything else. If I go and search for a politician with such a quality specially in India, I think I have to stop search.

2. Raj is graduated from J.J. School of Arts, one of the prestigious college in Mumbai. He is educated and an artist. A gifted painter and cartoonist. How many politicians in India are well educated and have an artistic mind is a big question.

3. Those who know Marathi and can dare to watch the footage shown on National Media channels ( Hindi and English) can easily understand that Raj is highly misrepresented by these channels.The problem with national media is that they just focus on a few sound bytes and twitter-length talking points, and often tend to talk past Raj.The media never goes down to the granularity of the points he raises and instead goes after him with a hammer.Also it has became a fashion to speak against Raj.

4. Raj  is very smart and intelligent POLITICIAN. Today politics in India has reached to such a level that if a white collar, sophisticated, gentleman decides to enter the politics then it will be a subject for PhD that how long he can sustain in the system and how long he can manage to be honest, uncorrupted and as he was when he enters politics. Corruption has reached to such extent that it will be a cruel joke to expect our politician to be philanthropic and uncorrupted. It is a system where one needs to be selfish to be selfless. And I don't think we should expect Raj to be ideal politician. But I can always expect him to be a smart intelligent and hopeful person . The reason why I called him smart can be depict from an incident when he was asked to give reaction on the statement made by Sachin Tendulakar regarding Mumbai. Sachin said that Mumbai belongs to whole India.Shivsena spoke against it and had a tight slap from all over India.

The ans given by Raj was, what do you expect if you ask Sonia Gandhi, who will qualify for semi final of FIFA football world cup. I request to keep aside your preconceived notions and ask yourself, how many politicians in India can give such smart and impeccable answer?

5.Listen to his speeches in Marathi, and you will realize, he is not explicitly anti-outsider or even anti-North-Indian. He is anti-UP-Bihar. And there too, he is opposed to the hordes of uneducated homeless people that supposedly pour into the city, adding to the competition for jobs and burdening the infrastructure of the state.North India also has Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal, all states that have built their own economies and infrastructures.

6.There are two political events in Mumbai where crowds do not have to be hired and trucked in to create a false show of strength: the death anniversary of B.R. Ambedkar on 6 December and the annual Dusshera rally addressed by Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray. These are the two days when loyalists come on their own in packed trains, alight at Dadar railway station and then walk another 15 minutes to reach the Shivaji Park area where the city’s big political rallies are traditionally held. The Third entry in the list in above category is the rally conducted by Raj. Raj did not go around making empty promises as most politicians do. It almost seemed as if he was shaking people out of their inertia. Every rally was like a wake-up call. When someone has such a power to touch the hearts of so many people, it is really hard to believe that whatever he is saying is absolutely wrong and stupid.

7. A prominent issue raised against Raj is his violent campaign against candidates from other states who came to attend Railway recruitment exams in Maharashtra. Let us understand one thing, the land given to INDIAN RAILWAY in Maharashtra state was belonged to farmers in Maharashtra and hence it is promised to them that they ( or their sons/daughters) will get job in return. This law is not at all specially for Maharashtra but it is for every other state in India. I think the law is very correct and I don't think anybody has any objection against it.Now, the issue is, it has been seen that the advertisements for the recruitment for Maharashtra region appear in newspapers which belong to other states. ( I don't think I have to mention the names of states, it can be clearly seen from where the major candidates come from ). The question is how to stop such exams? Nobody can support the violence conducted against innocent candidates. They are not in fault and they can't be blamed for anything. They come here to earn bread and butter in the manner it is available. But shouldn't' we think of the candidates who loss their right to get these jobs just because they were kept in dark about the vacancies? What is the source of income left with the farmer who gave his land to Railway and now waiting for the vacancies which could provide his family a constant and secure source of income?
Filing a case against railway recruitment board is the last option one can opt for, looking at the situation of our judiciary system. What is the way to stop the exam at that moment of time, so as to avoid the malpractice conducted by few officers to make available jobs for only a particular states? When I will get the satisfactory answers for these question I will be the first person to criticise Raj for his violent actions against poor candidates.

8.While one must condemn anything that weakens our unifying Indian identity, it would be hypocritical to turn a blind eye to certain harsh social and political realities of Mumbai. Fifty-four per cent of its residents live in slums, most of which are so unbelievably congested and squalid that it is criminal on the part of any government to let people live in such inhuman conditions. It is well known to authorities that tens of thousands of Bangladeshis, many with voting rights, are living in Mumbai. Mumbai is decaying everyday, every single minute and it really hurts to see a city dying in such a manner. But very few politicians in the city, state or country are taking a serious and comprehensive view of its chronic condition, and fewer still are willing to take the tough decisions to set things right. By tough decisions, one does not mean banning ‘outsiders’ — north Indians or Indians from any other part of India — from settling in Mumbai. That certainly is wrong. But is it wrong to hold that encroachments should be stopped, that people must not be allowed to occupy pavements and places earmarked for public utilities, or that the cut-off years for regularization of slums must be strictly adhered to.

9. Raj is one of the few such politicians who have raised the concern about the growing slums that are paralyzing the Mumbai. The question that Raj Thackeray and many people in Mumbai are asking is: How can slum redevelopment and rehabilitation ever succeed if there is political patronage for the creation of new slums? How can Mumbai ever see orderly urban development, with world-class infrastructure and civic amenities for all its residents, if there is deliberate and corruption-induced disorder in the use of its most scarce resource — land? Indeed, which Indian city can grow well if short-term and partisan political interests undermine a long-term and integral vision of urban renewal?And while putting forward his demands, Raj never complains about the tax paid by Mumbai and things Mumbai get in return. Niether he asked to stop paying tax.So where comes the question of Raj putting threats to National integrity? National integrity doesnt get affected when few states refuse to accept Hindi as national language? Only when Raj speaks about Marathi threats being created?

10.Our constitution has given few basic rights to every citizen and I guess they have been given to citizens staying in Mumbai. These rights are, right to livelihood, right to decent environment, right to good health, right to food,water, education, medical care and shelter. The common man pays income tax (Mumbai pays 33% of total tax to govt. of India) doesn't deserve the safe and secure journey of in public transport? As a city Mumbai has already crossed all its limits and how long we are going to burden this city in the name of the 'Right to go and settled anywhere in India'?

11. Whether in right or wrong way, this man Raj, has the power to give results specially from a stubborn and inflexible system called Indian Politics.His campaign asking shopkeepers in Mumbai to put the sign boards in Marathi could be the perfect example. Every city in India has this law ( recently in Chennai 3000 sign boards were pull down, because they were not in Tamil). So what is wrong if Raj asked concerned people to follow the law. And if they dare to go against it, in which launguage we are supposed to teach them? Don't we punish children in schools for not following rules and regulations of school?  

12. Many people raised the question, Where is Raj Thackeray when NSG people from north India came for operation 'Black Tornado'. Not MNS but NSG people save Mumbai etc etc.
Now consider following things and again ask yourself these questions:
   a> When operation were being carried out, Mumbai police were already under tremendous stress and is it really logical that a politician to visit operation site or hospital and give media bytes? Doctors from hospitals were pleading to politicians to not to visit hospitals and injured people because security around politicians and media people are making things difficult for hospital management.
   b> NSG commanders are from all over India and they have people who are from Maharashtra. Also the motive to visit Mumbai is very different from the motive of people against whom Raj has opened up a campaign. How stupidly one can compare these two things.
  c> Raj is the only politician who visit the funeral of all the three police officers who were killed in Taj attack. He banned all the media people to cover who wanted to cover him saying this is not the place and time and he is not doing this for any kind of publicity. How many politicians in India can show such kind of sensibility?
13. Raj is one of the few politician who play National Anthem in the end of every Rally, with due respect (these is a video going around on net which shows Lalu prasad and his wife are sitting when National Anthem was being played and every other person around them was standing). May be we would like to know how many politicians in India know our national anthem.

14. People spoke about Raj's kids going in English medium school. I feel Raj has never said things against other language schools, but he demands that every school should teach Marathi (which is Official language of Maharashtra and it is mandatory to teach in every school running in Maharashtra). So what is wrong with his demand?

Even after writing so many points I am left with many such issues which can be enlisted under this topic. But somewhere someone has to stop. We all proud to be Indian Aren't we? but can't we love our mother tongue and promote it in our own state? I wish to write the whole topic in Marathi, but can I try to reach maximum people by writing it in English? This blog is not to support MNS or Raj Thackaray. But isn't it my duty as An INDIAN to oppose if I feel something is being wrongly portrayed by media without understanding the depth and reasons behind it? I feel National Integration is in great danger when the fourth pillar of Democracy is wrongly used by few people for personal benefits. 

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Jai MAHARASHTRA

Saturday, August 14, 2010

आ(सा)ठवणितले मित्र .. आणि मित्रांच्या आठवणि(2)

नावः मंदार मधुकर नाखवा.
भेटः अकरावी कॉलेजचा पहिला दिवस,बेन्चवरचा शेजारचा विद्यार्थि......

मी आईला नेहमी म्हणतो, की जर मी कॉलेजच्या पहिल्या दिवशी मंदारच्या शेजारी बसलो नसतो तर कदाचित आज माझे आयुष्य फार  वेगळे असते. मला वाटते मंदारच्या मैत्रिचे माझ्या आयुष्यातले स्थान ह्या एका वाक्यावरुन कळू शकते.मंदारसारखा साधा, सरळ आणि सभ्य मुलगा दुसरा असूच शकनार नाही अस्से मत मंदारच्याच नाही तर माझ्या, विजयच्या आणि इतर बय्राच मित्रांच्या आई बाबांचे आहे. गेली 7-8 वर्षं मी मंदारला ओळखतो आहे आणि आजही मंदार अगदी पहिल्या दिवशी भेटला होता तसाच आहे. अजुनही त्याने त्याच्यातला प्रामाणिकपणा तसाच जपला आहे हे विशेष.

11-12वी ला असताना मी आणि विजय मंदारची बरीच टिंगल करायचो, आजही करतो.. पण आजपर्यंत इतक्या वर्षात मी मंदारला फक्त दोनवेळाच रागावताना पाहिले आहे,आणि महत्व्हाचे म्हणजे दोन्हीवेळी रागावण्याचे कारण आम्ही केलेली टिंगल नाही तर वेगळेच आहे.खरे सांगायचे तर मंदारसारखा मित्र मिळणे हेच एक मोठे भाग्य आहे...आणि मंदारला हे महित असुन सुध्हा त्याचे साधे सरळ वागणे, त्याच्या मैत्रिला एका वेगळ्याच उंचीवर न्हेऊण ठेवते. जगात जी काही परिमाणं असतील, जे काही RULES असतील, मला वाटते मंदारने त्याही पलिकडे जाऊन स्वताःचे असे वेगळे स्थान पक्के केले आहे.

मंदारच्या साधेपणाचा फायदा घेण्याचा प्रयत्न बय्राच लोकांनी केला पण त्या वेळी विजयने त्याला सांभाळुन घेतले आहे आणि म्हणुनच आमच्या तिघान्च्या मैत्रिमध्ये त्या दोघान्च्या मैत्रिला एक वेगळिच धार आहे. मंदारच्या कौशल्यांबद्द्ल बोलावे तेवढे कमी आहे.Badminton  खेळण्यासाठी त्याने हाताने बनवलेली  Net "अप्रतिम" म्हणावी अशीच आहे.छोठ्या छोठ्या गोष्ठींमध्ये सुध्धा जीव ओतणे जर कोणि शिकावे तर ते फ़क्त मंदारकडुनच!! मंदारच्या मैत्रिचे प्रसंग आत्ता इथे लिहित नाही, कारण येवढेच की कोणता प्रसंग निवडावा ह्यापेक्षा कोणता निवडू नये आणि का निवडू नये हे प्रश्न माझ्यासमोर आहेत.

Friends Forever...
लिहायला बसलो आणि इतक्या आठवणि डोळ्यासमोर आल्या की डोळ्यात पाणि कधी आले कळलेच नाही. एक SMS Mobile वर आला आणि मंदारचीच आठवण झाली,
मैत्री आपली मनात जपली,
कधी सावलीत... कधी उन्हात तापली,
कधी फुलात...कधी काट्यात रुतली,
तरीही मी मनात जपली...."मैत्री" आपली!!

मम्मी, " जर मी कॉलेजच्या पहिल्याच दिवशी मंदारच्या शेजारी बसलो नसतो, तर कदाचित आज माझे आयुष्य फार...... फार वेगळे असते...!!!"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

आ(सा)ठवणितले मित्र .... आणि मित्रान्च्या आठवणि (1)

आठवणितले मित्र .... आणि मित्रान्च्या आठवणि
(Friendship Day Special ... Few words about those people for whom I have been celebrating Friendship Day on everyday ever since I met them...)

नावः विजय सुरेश वाघ. (in the center of the below photo)
भेटः इयत्ता दहावी , कोचिन्ग् क्लास

       विजय म्हणजे वर्गातला एकदम हिरो मुलगा.  आणि त्यावेळी आम्ही म्हणजे अगदिच " सर्वसाधारण".. त्यामुळे अगदी पहिल्यापासुनच जरा दोन हात लाम्ब बसायचो. मला चान्गल आठवतय आम्ही दहवीला असताना क्रिकेट खेळायला गेलो होतो आणि विजयने माझ्यासकट सगळ्यान्ची धुलाई केली होती. मला वाटते त्या दिवसा पासुन् आमचि जी मैत्री झाली ती आज पर्यन्त टिकुण आहे.इतक्या वर्षात असे बरेच प्रसन्ग आले जेव्हा मला विजय एक मित्र म्हणुन कित्ती मोठा आहे ह्याचा प्रत्यय आला..
11 वी 12 वी असो, ते सोमैयाच्या ग्राउन्ड्वरचे क्रिकेट् असो, त्याच्या घरी पहिल्यान्दाच गेलो होतो तो दिवस, 12वीला असताना आमचे झालेले भान्डन (पहिले भान्डन), मला त्रिवेन्द्रमला जाताना सोडयला आला होता तेव्हा.. असे एक न अनेक कित्ती तरी प्रसन्ग आत्ता डोळ्यासमोर उभे राहतात.आज जवळ जवळ 10 वर्ष मी त्याला ओळखतो आहे, पण तरीही मी त्याला 100% ओळखतो अस्से म्हणू शकणार नाही.त्याच्या बद्दलचा एक प्रसन्ग जो माझ्या मनावर कोरुन गेला तो सान्गतो....
मी नुकताच बाइक चालवायला शिकत होतो. एक दिवस विजयच्या घरुन येताना, विजय मला त्याच्या बाइक वरुन सोडायला आला होता. तो त्याच्या बाइक वर नी मी माझ्या.. अर्धा रस्ता गेल्यावर मी त्याला म्हटले की तु जा आत्ता, इथुन पुढे मी जाईन.तो ही म्हणाला ठिक आहे, आणि मी माझी बाइक पुढे चालवू लागलो.. मनात धाकधुक चालुच होती, पहिल्यान्दाच रोडवरुन एक्टा बाइक चालवत होतो आणि जेव्हा घराच्या अगदी जवळ आलो तेव्हा कळले, विजय् मागुन येतच होता, मी व्यवस्थित जातो की नाही, सुरक्शित घरी पोहोचतो क नाही ह्या काळजी ने...
असे कित्तीतरी प्रसन्ग..!! मोजायला लागलो  तर कदाचित ही जागा आणि सन्ख्या कमी पडतील. मी नेहमिच स्वतला भग्यवान् समजत् आलो आहे आणि विजय हे त्यामगील एक मोठ्ठ कारण आहे. आज मागे वळुन पहतो तेव्हा आठवतात ते दिवस जेव्हा मी विजय मन्दार कडे भेटायचो, परिक्शा सम्पलेल्या असायच्या, आम्ही दिवसभर उनाडक्या करत मन्दारच्या घरी पडलेले असायचो. काय बोलायचो कित्ती बोलायचो.. विषयाला कधीच मर्यादा नव्हत्या, वेळेला कसलेच बन्धन नव्हते..
मागे विजय 2 वर्षासाठी मुम्बई बाहेर होता. तो मुम्बईला यायचा तेव्हा धावत भेटायला जायचो..त्यालाही बाहेर रहाणे आवडत नव्हते पण मला वाटते माणुस एकदा नोकरीला लागला की मग ह्या सगळ्या गोष्टी अपरिहार्य होतात...तो परत जाणार असायचा तो दिवस तर अगदी नकोसा व्हायचा.. एकदा मी कामात असताना माझा फोन वाजला... ऐकुण येवढा आनन्द् झाला... असे वाटले परत एकदा मुम्बईच्या हवेमध्ये एक वेगळाच जोश आलाय... परत एकदा मन्दारच्या बिल्डिन्ग मधले क्रिकेटचे स्टम्प वाजू लागले आहेत.... तो परत येतोय.....विजय सुरेश वाघ!!!

भाग -2
(सुरुवात करुन ठेवतो...)
नावः मन्दार मधुकर नाखवा. ( Blue above photo)
भेटः अकरावी कॉलेजचा पहिला दिवस,बेन्चवरचा शेजारचा विद्यार्थि......

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dreams and Memories

When I started writing this post, sitting in the room of hostel, relaxing ... I really don't know how to start. Though I have given a lot thought about writing blog and then the name of blog, when I actually start writing this I realised again, how tough to aggregate all the thoughts on some topic.

Dreams, We all see them, we all think about them, few see them in nights, few see them in days, few live in dreams and few live for dreams. Dreams for few a journey in nights and for few a journey of life time. I feel dreams contribute a lot in developing one's personality, they train your mind, body to work in specific direction. Many people who are successfull in our society give a large chunk of credit to the dream that they had visualised in their early day. Dreams are the indicator of one's mind and attitude. They shows the power of one's imagination. And therefore I feel dreams decide one's altitude. Everyone nourshies a dream, dream that motivates us, burn fire in us to achive it, to make it come true. The only thing that requires is keep alive that dream.

Memories... good, bad, nice, distrubing. We all have all kinds of memories. From childhood to till date rather till second we are unconciously involve in creating memories.Memories make us smile, make us cry, take us in the company of old, genuine friends, and then make us alone in the crowd. And the best part is, these memories are created unconciously. Nobody can decide that ok now today I am going to create some beautyfull or nice memories.Such memories are being created by our day to day casual living. If you retrospect, the best memories are being created when actually you were not really thiking of making them.And that gives a simple lesson to us. We need to learn to enjoy the time we are spending as happily as we can.

These two sides of our life contribute significantly to make our life. I would like to end this post with a charoli by a well known poet Mr. Chandrashekhar Gokhale...
खुपदा माझ्या आठवणी
पावल न वाजवता येतात
आणि जाताना माझ्या मनाला
पावल जोडून जातात..