Friday, July 30, 2010

Dreams and Memories

When I started writing this post, sitting in the room of hostel, relaxing ... I really don't know how to start. Though I have given a lot thought about writing blog and then the name of blog, when I actually start writing this I realised again, how tough to aggregate all the thoughts on some topic.

Dreams, We all see them, we all think about them, few see them in nights, few see them in days, few live in dreams and few live for dreams. Dreams for few a journey in nights and for few a journey of life time. I feel dreams contribute a lot in developing one's personality, they train your mind, body to work in specific direction. Many people who are successfull in our society give a large chunk of credit to the dream that they had visualised in their early day. Dreams are the indicator of one's mind and attitude. They shows the power of one's imagination. And therefore I feel dreams decide one's altitude. Everyone nourshies a dream, dream that motivates us, burn fire in us to achive it, to make it come true. The only thing that requires is keep alive that dream.

Memories... good, bad, nice, distrubing. We all have all kinds of memories. From childhood to till date rather till second we are unconciously involve in creating memories.Memories make us smile, make us cry, take us in the company of old, genuine friends, and then make us alone in the crowd. And the best part is, these memories are created unconciously. Nobody can decide that ok now today I am going to create some beautyfull or nice memories.Such memories are being created by our day to day casual living. If you retrospect, the best memories are being created when actually you were not really thiking of making them.And that gives a simple lesson to us. We need to learn to enjoy the time we are spending as happily as we can.

These two sides of our life contribute significantly to make our life. I would like to end this post with a charoli by a well known poet Mr. Chandrashekhar Gokhale...
खुपदा माझ्या आठवणी
पावल न वाजवता येतात
आणि जाताना माझ्या मनाला
पावल जोडून जातात..


  1. gud start!!!
    Hope all ur dreams cum true n lyf gift u beautiful memories 2 cherish....
    keep bloggin..

  2. Hello!
    It was really wonderfull reading this blog.The difference between ''DREAMS'' n ''MEMORIES'' was so clearly depicted....
    May your all dreams come true n i wish u to have great memories to cherish 'em...GOD BLESS

  3. hmm..kuthun suruvat karu!!! khare tar tuza blog vachun mala sukhad dhakka basala ahe. tuze marathi'DUMDAR' tar ahech pan swapna aani aathavaaninche je sundar chitra tu banvile aahes..te agadi apratim...
    just would like to say this, let ur dreams be so big that ppl get insired by u and let ur memories be so sweet, so strong to help u achieve all those dreams. tuzya blogsathi manapasun hardik shubhhechha. keep it up..
    - Shweta

  4. Sahiye ekdum.....After reading ur this blog, i reflected all wht i feel about dreams n memories.......

    Dreams and memories both play a vital role in our life.....
    Dreams gives us the confidence and desire to acheive something.
    Whereas memories state wht we have acheived and lost.......

    For me both are equally important in any individual's life.....

    Gud going NIKS.........continue writing this way :-)

    ALL the best for ur blog

  5. I knew someday you would start blogging. Read ur first post and wanted to be the first to comment but you know what happend.. Anyways an excellent start.. Try to be pitch in some more humour and the kind of person u are , I know it is not difficult..:P

    Do keep writing..Rest assured, you gonna rock..

  6. Very nice post.

    I feel there is an intimate relation between dreams and memories. In the future when I shall look back at my life, most of the memories should make me feel satisfied with my life. Those memories would tell me that I had an amazing journey throughout, that I did most of things right and that I did most of the things which I always liked to do. I hope that there will be very few memories which will bring sense of regret to to me. To avoid these future regrets, I should dream, dream big about what I always wanted to be, and strive hard to make those dreams into reality. Process to achieve our dreams and achievements themselves will become sweet memories of the future. :)

  7. nice Start.... heading with lots of thoughts in mind after reading it.....really good one.... :)


  8. may your all dreams come true:)