Friday, September 17, 2010

The LADY factor in my life....(1)

Although I have never understood the way woman thinks, whatever experience I have gained in my life, I can say that a woman thinks in a direction which is exactly 30 degrees inclined to what normally considered as Logical thinking. Many a times I came across situations where I never able to understand why a woman is behaving like this or thinking like this. Specially when what is logical is clearly visible. Few days back I came across a joke which goes like this.
One day God appears in front of a stupid guy called Nikhil. God says to  Nikhil, "somehow I am very impressed with whatever you are doing in the name of prayers or good work and I have decided to bless you a wish, which will get fulfilled." Nikhil thinks a lot over this and decides what to ask from God. He says " My lord, since I have been blessed with a wish, many of my friends (who are very intelligent and decided to use their intelligence for the prosperity of country called America) are planning to go to America. Now, considering the distance between India and America, and the expenses to travel, I would like you to build a bridge between Mumbai and New York. The expressway should have two carriageways with three concrete lanes each separated by a central divider and a tarmac or concrete shoulder on either side." God smiles and says " My son when you are blessed with such a wish, you should think about whole mankind and not just for few people. Think something which is badly needed for prosperity of mankind, which can stay forever, for all coming generations. Something, for which every generations will thank you." Nikhil thinks again and with a sigh says " My lord, Many a times I see my colleagues going around, chasing girls, trying to flirt, trying level best to know what is going in girls mind. I would be happy if u bless all men with the power to know what exactly is going in woman's mind." God replies calmly " Would you like the bridge to start from the ground near your building or you want me to start the bridge from south Mumbai?"
Jokes apart, is it really so difficult to understand a woman?? I would like to write something about three women who have been contributing to my life very effectively. These three women can be given the awards for giving me the highest number of taunts. But then, their taunts or their concerns for me, I don't know exactly what, has majorly contributed in shaping my personality.
1. My Mother, Mummy:
I had most of my arguments with my mom. I used to read so many good things about " mother", reading 3-4 pages essays describing how mother is form of god on earth, how so called great mothers gave birth to great people. But somehow I could never connect it to the way my mom is. From childhood I remember most of my prayers were having one line common.."Hey God, Lets be fair..Please bless me a good mother in next birth, not this mother again. Or atleast give me chance to choose my mother the way you blessed me to choose my friends." I used to wonder why god gave me such a mother who keep irritating me, tauting me ( she got highest marks in taunting me ), pulling me down every time I tried to go up. I never understood her attitude, those arguments over watching match and her favorite tv shows, her so many biased complaints to my grand mom (which are many times contains wrong interpretations of what I said). I was really surprised how god can give such a mother to a child. And then...... I got a chance to escape from her. I got training in Trivendrum for an IT company. Far from home, far from irritating lady.

First few days were so nice, I enjoyed the freedom, and also the peace. But within 15 days I realised how tasty Chapati (roti) my mummy used to make for me, scarifying her early morning sleep just to make sure I leave home with full stomach, most of time with garam garam chapatis. When I have to wash my own cloths, I realised that in so many years I have never thought of who was washing my cloths, that to without any intimations, who make sure that every time when I picked my shirt from cupboard, it is clean, properly washed and very importantly it is there at its place. I started missing the oil chumpy my mother used to do to me every night, however tired she is. On 20th day, I wrote a 6 page long letter to my mummy, the first and only letter I wrote in my life. I remembered when one of my classmate got tears in her eyes when she read it. I wrote everything about training, but not how much I miss my mummy. May be I felt ashamed to express...
I sent the letter. I couldn't get the first reaction of my mother when she read it.I wish I could.....

Nowadays I find myself giving her advice on healthcare and reduction in stress. Her gray hair line makes me worried about something. I don't know what exactly but I have realised that she is getting older and older day by day and still trying hard to be as active as she was 15-20 years ago. Still trying hard to balance her work life and role of housewife the same way she is doing for so many years. Her evening fever or weakness ring bells in my mind and I keep irritating her to visit doctor. And I have realized a major change in my prayers. Now major part of it is like this...
" Hey God, Lets be fair..Please bless me same mother in next birth and every birth, and if not this mother again, then  atleast give her chance to choose her son, the way you blessed me to choose my friends. And even then promise me that you will give her a son who will take care of her from day he born. And if possible (I know it is hard for you) but please, forget my childhood prayers."

आई = आत्मा + ईश्वर
आई म्हणजे एक नावं असतं
घरातल्या घरात गजबजलेलं गाव असतं ..!!!!

सर्वांत असते तेव्हा
जाणवत नाही
आता नसली कुठंच तरीही
नाही म्हणवत नाही

जत्रा पांगते
पालं उठतात
पोरक्या जमिनीत
उमाळे दाटतात

आई मनामनात तशीच
जाते ठेवून काही
जिवाचं जिवालाच
कळावं असं
जाते देऊन काही

आई असतो
एक धागा
वातीला उजेड दावणारी
समईतली जागा

घर उजळतं तेव्हा
तिचं नसतं भान
विझून गेली अंधारात की
सैरावैरा धावायलाही
कमी पडतं रान

पिकं येतात जातात
माती मात्र व्याकुळच
तिची कधीच भागत नाही तहान
दिसत नसलं डोळ्यांना तरी
खोदत गेलो
खोल खोल
की सापडतेच अंतःकरणातली खाण

याहून का निराळी असते आई?
ती घरात नाही तर मग
कुणाशी बोलतात गोठ्यात
हंबरणाऱ्या गायी?

आई खरंच काय असते?
लेकराची माय असते
वासराची गाय असते
दुधाची साय असते
लंगड्याचा पाय असते
धरणीची ठाय असते

आई असते
जन्माची शिदोरी
सरतही नाही
उरतही नाही!!!"


  1. Nikhil! Apratim! yevdha chaan lihala aahes..pratyek lekrala aaplya aai baddal lihaavasa vatel tasa...dhanyvaad :)

  2. Nikhil... Wonderful post.. Somewhere I could relate to ur feelings..Keep writing .. U simply rock this blog...

  3. Hey Niks...Superb yaar.......after reading this blog, we all realized the importance of our mom.

    Thanks for making us remind about the sacrifice and hardwork our mom has done for us and still they are doing for us.

    Keep writing...u rock as usual

  4. realy sweet!!! I think at some or other point we all get irritated by our mothers but then there she is!!! always caring for us, trying to help us. Compared to all the things she does for us, the least thing we can do is to acknowledge it. Gud Niks, u r getting better and better!!!!

  5. nikhil sahi yaar mastach lajawaab sundar lihitos
    ekdam zhakkas :)

  6. Too good Nikhil.
    The same feelings should dawn on us for our Father too. They are the unsung Heroes and most easily forgotten.
    Parents are the cornerstone our lives!!

    Your blog glows with intense feelings.
    Keep writing...


  7. Ummm...I am speechless. Its so purely and sincerely makes me terribly home-sick :(

  8. "_______" i don't have words to say wat i feel after reading dis blog.. Bt its from deep inside the heart.. I miss my mom n dad terribly..

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  10. "_______" i don't have words to say wat i feel after reading dis blog.. Bt its from deep inside my heart.. I miss my mom n dad terribly..