Friday, October 1, 2010

The LADY factor in my life....(2)

 Neha: My Sister
As many of us guessed it correctly, the second Lady , who have been contributing very effectively in my life is my sister Neha. From childhood days, I have been sharing many things (which I got from my elder brother just because I am younger to him, and I considered them as my own!!) with her. Most of the time sharing was unwillingly, but my parents had kept no option but to share ( as they did with my brother). And not just our toys,cars but she was privileged to own dolls and other stuffs too. I always observed my dad's special attention to her as she was younger among us. It still makes me wonder how this "chota dynamite" became one of the strong power house in my home withing 8-9 years of time. I remembered her schooling days, the 2 pony tail hair style, her small sandals, her last minute rush to gather all her notebooks, books just before catching her school bus.
In schooldays, I and my brother were always asked to put hard work to be in top ranks, but she was given concession in that. We have to do all the small small outside household work and that too as a part of our day to day activities, but she was given the benefit of being little weak and hence not even the routine household works. I used to wonder why so much care and benefits were given to her, and specially when she used to behave like a princess and treat us (me and my brother ) like her bodyguards/ servants. I remember she was never too good in studies, neither too much interested in studies. Many of our exam days been spent in giving her lectures and trying to motivate her to work hard. But she never used to loose her cool. Study in nights and then next day paper is her favorite funda of clearing academic exams.
But except studies, I guess she has been taunting me in almost everything I do, as if she has gained PhD in how not to behave in home. Undoubtedly after my mom, she rules the home. How dirty I am after playing cricket, how lazy I am in doing inhousehold work, how badly I can wash my cloths, how hopeless I am packing my bag for trip...answers to these questions can be given by her at 12 in midnight, when she is in deep deep sleep. Just because she clean our floor, and I am really bad in that, she has gained the right to shout on me in very high pitch. My dad's special attention has been carefully used and utilised by her, to get more pocketmoney, more no of dresses and other things. From school days she is following a tradition of having 2-3 hours sleep in afternoon, and with god's grace she gets free time during that hours of day.

Although I am complaining so much about her, deep inside I could feel a special care for her. I don't know when, and how I become careful about her. Today I don't feel anything wrong about dad's special attention to her. I don't know why, rather I feel for a girl to enjoy her childhood and young age, it is very much important that she has to be the most favorite kid of her dad..... Today I don't mind giving her money to ask her to get rik or taxi instead of walking on road. Today many a times it happens that when I step out to go out with friends, I realise my pocket is empty and she help me with 200-300 rupees. Sometimes I wonder if she is my younger sister or elder. I really don't know from where she gained so much maturity. I remember one incident, when we were in school. We just had a fight, and I was supposed to drop her at school bus stop. Unwillingly I went, bus came, she got into the bus and as I moved to return to home, I saw her struggling with the crowd inside the bus, trying hard to reach to a window, so that she can wave hands before bus leave the stop. I came back home and cried. I don't know what made me so much emotional. My mom said, " may be in few years she will get married and go to her own home and then you will not even get time to sit and laugh, enjoy. So try to spend this time as happily as you can."
I can see my favorite actor Dev Anand singing..

Dekho Hum Tum Dono Hain Ek Dali Ke Phool
Maein Na Bhoola Tu Kaise Mujhko Gai Bhool
Aa Mere Paas Aa Keh Jo Kehna Hai
Ek Hazaron Mein ... 

Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka Sabka Kehna Hai......

"Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai .......!!!"


  1. Hmm. so u care for ur sister very much. I think she should be given a compliment for handling a bro like u :-P
    nways, nice post.

  2. There's nothing like the power of your origins and there's nothing like the glue of family relationships,
    however dysfunctional. Even though it may sometimes make you mad, no one knows you and understands you like your brother or your sister.

    We should value our vision when we have eyes :)

  3. Story of perhaps every brother and sister...
    Really touching :)

  4. Very Nice. I can definitely relate to this even better now :)


  5. So true....something which most of us would have felt but never thought much about or apppreciated. Relationships are priceless...especially enchanting is elder bro-younger sis bonding.Its unique.I say so b'cos I never got a chance to experience it n have always missed it....

  6. नेहा विचारेSeptember 3, 2011 at 10:02 PM

    "दुःखाचे डोंगर किती जरी कोसळले, आयुष्यानं पुन्हा सावरायला शिकवलं,
    सुखाचं पडणारं हळूवार चांदणं, आयुष्यानं पुन्हा पहायला शिकवलं, फुलाच्या वाटेवरचा प्रीतीचा गंध आयुष्यानं पुन्हा घ्यायला शिकवलं, आपल्यासारखी गोड माणसं भेटत गेली आणि आयुष्यानं जगायला शिकवलं......"

    Lov U Bro...

    a brother like U, who made mi cry..... Pulled my hair.... Stood up for mi... Drove mi crazy. Watched mi succeed. Saw mi fall. Picked mi back up... And I just cant do without U.
    Thanks for always being there for me.... :)